Meyer Burger
The technology company subjects its entire reporting media to a redesign: Linkgroup develops the new corporate design and puts together a cross-media communications package.

Meyer Burger annual report 2017

Thun-based Meyer Burger Technology AG is a leading technology company specialising in systems and production equipment for the solar, semiconductor and opto-electronics industry. It is a global operator best known in the solar industry for its solutions for manufacturing wafers, solar cells and solar modules.

Customer’s wish
Meyer Burger wanted its annual reporting to form a stylistic whole across digital and print communication channels, reflecting and reinforcing the company’s self-assurance and the brand. This was the third time Linkgroup had been chosen to deliver the conceptual work on a one-stop basis. It was the first time we were asked to also produce the annual report in responsive design.


In close collaboration with communications managers at Meyer Burger and Tolxdorff Eicher, Linkgroup redeveloped the reporting media, including the corporate profile. We guided Meyer Burger on the path to the redesign by providing full one-stop support via our Financial Publishing service package, with services including communications consulting, concept development, communications design and cross-media production.

The result was a well put together communications package. The print version of the annual report and the online report give recipients appropriate information at the right time on the right channel for them, while the corporate profile underscores Meyer Burger Technology AG’s technological expertise.

Annual report Online

Annual report/Corporate Profile Portfolio

  • Print medium
  • Digital solution
  • Website
  • Communications consulting
  • Photography
  • Project management
  • Strategy/concept
  • Corporate identity/​corporate design
  • Communications design
  • Translation management
  • Proofreading
  • Programming
  • Layout/typographic production
  • Image processing
  • Quality management
  • High-end digital printing
  • High-end offset printing
  • Logistics
  • Hosting

Meyer Burger

“For many years we’ve been able to rely on the creative services of Linkgroup. So it was clear that we could also entrust them with redesigning our reporting media. We weren’t disappointed: Linkgroup gave us good advice and fully met our expectations. The result is a fresh, appealing design that reflects our philosophy and self-image and strengthens the Meyer Burger Technology AG brand.”

Ingrid Carstensen, Head of Corporate Communications, Meyer Burger Technology AG