Redesign of the santésuisse Group annual report:
Linkgroup develops concept for the group’s image and identity and creates design structure for modular implementation of the association’s publication

Santésuisse annual report

santésuisse is the leading Swiss health insurance industry association, representing the interests of 43 health insurers and more than five million insureds. Since 2015 santésuisse affiliates tarifsuisse ag, SASIS AG and SVK have been managed under one roof as the santésuisse Group.

Customer’s wish
The santésuisse Group was looking for a branding approach for its annual report that would make the affiliation of the four group companies visible without undermining their independent identities. The goal was to harmonise the appearance of santésuisse’s publications by developing a design concept that could be applied to all the association’s publications on a modular basis.



After an analysis of the group companies’ target audiences and market positioning, Linkgroup developed a brand architecture for the group’s annual report. The design concept for the annual report was structured with a view to also being able to apply the key design elements to the association’s other publication.


The well-though-out, systematic use of colour and visual elements in the santésuisse Group annual report emphasises the affiliation and common identity of the group companies. The design concept leaves enough room for it to be applied to both specialist publications and those geared to a broad audience.

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santésuisse Group

“Linkgroup did a thorough analysis as the basis for creating a persuasive solution to a complex challenge. Along each step of the way, from discussing the present situation and developing a concept to signing off the publication, we benefited from the in-depth know-how of all the Linkgroup specialists involved in the project.”

Paul Rhyn, Head of PR and Publications, santésuisse Group, Solothurn