Verein Hilfe für hirnverletzte Kinder (hiki)
Charity for brain-damaged children launches new website: Linkgroup creates new site to support charity’s fundraising efforts.

Verein Hilfe für hirnverletzte Kinder (hiki) Website

For more than 30 years Verein Hilfe für hirnverletzte Kinder (hiki) has been devoted to helping brain-damaged children and young people. The parents’ association provides tangible, unbureaucratic support to the families affected. We’re a source of advice, relief and a chance to connect. Hiki is a one-stop shop for parents, professionals and the public at large for all matters relating to brain damage among children and young people.

Customer’s wish
Hiki wanted to get its website up to speed technologically and bring the look and feel into line with its existing publications. The wish was for a user-friendly site making it easy for families affected to get the answers they’re looking for. The fact that the charity is reliant on donations for 90% of its funding was given special emphasis. The website serves as a door-opener for fundraising purposes as well as a kind of Wikipedia for those affected.


Linkgroup was commissioned to lead the work to develop the concept and design a new website geared uncompromisingly to a great user experience. Having partnered hiki for many years, Linkgroup is attuned to the charity’s language and CI/CD and well acquainted with its different stakeholders. Linkgroup managed an agile process which made it possible to take the client’s needs and expectations on board on an ongoing basis.

The result is a website with state-of-the-art technology that reflects hiki’s visual identity. It also matches the association’s corporate publications, which were likewise developed by Linkgroup. The site features a prominent request for donations taking the user through an easy and intuitive process. It’s an authentic, congenial and credible digital calling card that helps hiki in its fundraising efforts.


  • Digital solution
  • Website
  • Communications consulting
  • Project management
  • Audit/analysis
  • Strategy/concept
  • Content/editorial
  • Photography
  • Communications design
  • Translation management
  • Proofreading
  • Programming
  • Image processing
  • Quality management
  • Hosting

Verein Hilfe für hirnverletzte Kinder (hiki)

“We have our long-term partner Linkgroup to thank for the fact that hiki’s website is now state of the art technologically and reflects the great design of our other publications. Our collaboration has been an all-round success. Linkgroup’s people are all experts in their discipline, extremely professional and pleasant to deal with. Again and again I’m impressed by their creative ideas. I’m already looking forward to our next project with Linkgroup.”

Vanda Mathis, Chief Executive of Verein Hilfe für hirnverletzte Kinder (hiki), Zurich